STRUCTURE-LOCK RS™: This patented technology was developed by AFC over a three year period with assistance from Oklahoma State University.  It is a revolutionary system for hanging ACM panels that boasts clean lines and no exposed fasteners. And, the system is also easy to install.  Structure-Lock’s most unique feature however is its enhanced gutter system which keeps rain away from the building, while processing it to clean the panels naturally. 

AFC-200 SERIES (DRY SYSTEM): Utilizing a Route & Return with a picture frame gasket, this high performance interlocking system is extremely functional. It’s particularly well-suited in meeting the design needs of high rise structures. 

AFC-100 SERIES (WET SYSTEM): The premier system  for hanging ACM paneling for many years, the Wet System, uses caulking in a Route & Return design allowing for a very cost effective, quick install process.

AFC-150 SERIES (HYBRID WET SYSTEM): This system combines the functionality and speed of the Wet System with a gasket process which further helps to shield the panel’s joints. As a result, the structure stays cleaner longer and is afforded additional design opportunities from the optional gasket color choices.

AFC-300 SERIES (HOOK & PIN): Utilitarian in design, this system incorporates open or exposed joints, and is typically used in a highly functional manner (i.e. exterior mechanical coverings or covering concrete walls). It offers a simple cosmetic appeal at a cost effective advantage.

AFC offers a number of industry standard systems for hanging ACM panels which capitalize not only on the protective values of the panels but their significant artistic qualities as well.